About Us

The Little People of New Zealand is a national voluntary society of Little People, families of Little People, and other people interested in their welfare.

Who is a little person? Any person whose height at maturity does not exceed 1.47 metres (4 ft 10 in).

Any Little Person of any age, any member of the family of a Little Person, and any other person interested can join the Little People of New Zealand by paying the annual subscription.

Our Key Message Is:

“Walk Tall!”

The more members the society has, the stronger will be its voice in improving the quality of life for Little People. If you are a Little Person, and if your life is already full and satisfying, you are in a position to lead others toward the same experience.

A little person can live in two 'worlds' – a small world and an average size world. A person who finds happiness in both has nothing to lose, but a person who hides in one of the two worlds must always live with fear of evasion or contact with the other world. For this person, there is no real truth – not even to himself.

Membership Benefits:

  • Join us at our annual conference.
  • Receive our quarterly newsletter, "Small Talk".
  • Access to our Resource Library. (See our selected titles.)

Contact Us

Hollie Howland
021 0232 4539 

Vice president
Katrina Bootsma
021 130 9377 

Sharon Chappell
027 406 9432 

Laura Jenkins
027 306 3370 

Membership liaison
Verity Kidd
022 079 0800 

Media liaison
Loren Corbett
021 050 3632 

Post Box
P O Box 58145
Porirua 5245