Links and Resources

Little People of America

The Magic Foundation - An excellent search site for many growth conditions affecting children.

Restricted Growth Association UK - Contains a ‘page for parents’ link that is very helpful.

The Human Growth Foundation

Kniest SED Group (KSG) - Kniest, Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia (SED), and Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia (SMD) - This is a non-profit site. Excellent FAQ page, information about anaesthesia and little people.

Family Information Service at Starship Children’s Hospital - You can drop in or contact them by fax, phone or e-mail to obtain more information about rare disorders, support groups, magazines, videos, books, pamphlets. This is a free service, no referral is required.


Little People NZ Resource Library - See our list of selected titles.

Little People by Dan Kennedy. An “all-in-one” resource, it contains links to useful websites and the popular “Occupations and Avocations” compiled by Fred Short (available in PDF).

Little People Global – Talent agency specialising in little people.

Little People, Big World” –  A reality television show about daily life from the perspective of a little person, it features on The Learning Channel (TLC). The Roloff family – mom and dad are little people, their children are little and average-sized. The show is now entering its 3rd season. Episodes are available on DVD from